What is MochiView?


MochiView is Java software that integrates browsing of genomic sequences, features, and data with DNA motif visualization and analysis. The FEATURE OVERVIEW page provides a detailed listing of MochiView's features. A manuscript describing MochiView has also been published.


How do I get started?


You can get up and running in just two steps. Listed before each step is a link to the relevant section of the website. You can return to this page at any time by clicking the START HERE! link.


Check the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS link to make sure that your computer can run MochiView. Most importantly, follow the instructions to make sure that your Java version is recent enough to run the software.


The SOFTWARE & TUTORIAL DOWNLOAD section provides the necessary links to download the software and manual. It is strongly recommened that new users download the tutorial database/instructions and use the tutorial to become familiar with the software.


What are those other links?


Here is an overview of the contents of the other sections of the website:


NEWS: Contains information about software and website content updates.


MOTIF LIBRARY DOWNLOADS: Contains links to several motif libraries formatted for import into MochiView.


GENOME DOWNLOADS: Contains tips on setting up your database and, for a few genomes, links to the necessary files.


SAMPLE FILES: Contains links to samples of the various MochiView file formats. These are useful as templates when designing your own files.


VIDEO & SCREENSHOTS: This page currently contains three sample videos of MochiView in action and a sample image from the ‘Compact motif/data/location plot’ utility.


SOURCE CODE & ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Contains instructions for obtaining the MochiView source code, as well as links to the third-party Java software libraries that helped make MochiView possible.


FORUM/CONTACT/MAILING LIST: Contact the author, post a question to the forum, or sign up to the MochiView mailing list to get notifications of software and website content updates.